The Door

I was asked if I wanted to take on the big entry door project for the last renovation job I managed for my GC buddy. I agreed to do it. I have never built a legit door like this before; a landmark specified door at the top of a stoop in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It's a real classic with arched top, beveled glass, lots of mouldings and raised/recessed panels. Figuring that I have built all sorts of things over the years that it would be great to learn this specific process out and it was an absolute education.


Surveying the old door was not a one-shot deal. I had to go back numerous times to find answers to discrepancies, popping off lengths of moulding for replication (as the door needed to be recreated to satisfy the landmark approvals) and understanding the site conditions a little better.

Mock-up for the client.

2 strangers and 1 colleague asked me why I built my own stave cores rather than buying them pre-made. I guess I'm just not jaded enough? Because I like what I do and am fine taking the long way? It's all a part of the learning process. Why not give it a shot?

It's been a long few weeks. The door is hanging on its hinges right now with some paint hopefully drying well enough before this next cold snap. I'll write a little more soon and hopefully have some pictures of the finished product soon...

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